Fallcrest Follies

Level 2

At the Humble Hog a drunk Holfast had the mysterious skull stolen from him. He went after the thief. Crank and Aliya followed but Crank lost them. Aliya stayed up with Holfast til the morning, when they went to the thieves guild to find out who it was, they got a good look. Aliya wasn’t allowed in so Holfast continued alone to level up and reclaim the skull.

Meanwhile Regretfulagine got drunk at the Humble Hog too but was able to meet Ari whom was willing to trade spells. While talking about spells Ari mentioned a magical ink (Emberlumin) that he almost knew how to make but needed help to solve the puzzles for the last two ingredients. So the two tried to solve them.

Back at the Humble Hog E.S.F. was inquiring about advanced fighter training. He met Rezbrah who offered to train, starting the next morning. It would provide an extra Toughness. Crank returned to the bar and wanted to join but she didn’t think Crank could handle her training.

Crank sought out a merchant and bought drinks for Onmun to get answers about Traverues and the box reward. Onmun said to stop by his store the next morning to get some real clothes.

That morning Aliya seeked out a temple to learn new spells and was promised new spells if she would help Haroon the priestess for Erathis to run out Melora’s priest, G’farrell. She tried to bluff him but he saw through her and notice she was with Haroon. He then suggested a trip to the forest for an afternoon commune with nature if she brought a friend he would listen to her again.

In the morning for the first part of his training E.S.F defeated 4 thugs while wearing glass shards.

Regretfulagine solved the moonlight butterfly puzzle after visiting the library. But couldn’t figure out the second until he asked Aliya to help during lunch. She solved the shadow rat puzzle. Immediately he went into the sewers to get the shadow rat eyes.

Crank went to Onmun’s store and helped him clear out spiders from his storage for a suit of chainmail. He got bloodied but survived after killing 2 giant spiders. Then met Aliya and Regretful for lunch.

For the next part of E.S.F. training, he swam the river with Rezbrah on his back.

The last training exercise for E.S.F was to climb Asmodeus prickle trees for 24 hours.

Aliya and Crank went out with G’farrell. Crank was quite drawn into the nature walk and interested in Maloran teachings. Aliya did start to make G’farrell trust her again. He offered to take them out for a night hike and camp out.

Regretfulagine got lost but found the shadow rat nest and got bit but finally captured one. Unfortunately they got lost trying to get out of the sewers. Luckily Aliya and Crank went looking for Regretfulagine in the sewer to tell him that G’farrell knew where the moonlight butterflies could be found.

Going out on the night camp out with G’farrell, Aliya, Crank, Regretfulagine. Regretful tried to bluff G’farrell that he would be ? but failed. G’farrell said Regretful could go up to the sacred tree where the butterflies live but only as natural as he entered the world. As Regretful went to the tree naked, Aliya warned G’farrell of how conniving and liars city people are and they would never be worthy of Melora so he should follow Regretful to see if was going to honor the trees and butterflies. Of course Regretful intent on making his potions captured the butterflies. G’farrell upset and disgusted said he would give up starting the church in Fallcrest and return to the woods, he asked Crank to join him. Crank almost did but Aliya had to give him 10 gold to stay, which was all Crank was trying for anyways.

Regretfulagine now with all the ingredients completed making the ink.

Aliya got an amulet to Erathis from Haroon for getting rid of the Melaric priest.

By the morning E.S.F succeeded with the 3rd trial of tree climbing and really impress Rezbrah with whom he shared a moment. And asked her to keep an eye out for his horse.

Going back to Onmun that morning Crank & Aliya & Regretful were considered safe enough to let them talk to Traveus who had been hiding in Onmun’s attic. The box was supposed to go to Baron Stockmer but his fold was overtaken by the Iron Circle and they were now after Traveus to prevent the box from getting there. Traveus gave the 100gp he promised as long as they took the box with the skull to the Baron.

Holfast showed up at the bar while everybody even E.S.F were enjoying a late breakfast. He had with him the skull and had gained new skills after working it out with Celia (the thief whom had stolen it from him in the first place).



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