Puzzled in Dal Nystiere

Hearing of the western Harkenwold’s problem with bullywugs by Reithann and the persistant aggravating Iron Circle patrols by Dar Gremath the adventurers chose to ask the Woodsinger elves to join the cause before taking on any threats. Eriyel of the Woodsigners challenged the party to bring peace to their once holy site, Dal Nystiere, after many years of fearing it. In Dal Nystiere a small group of goblins were easily vanquished with each member taking out at least 1. ESF was dazed and kept off-balance by the goblin wizard for the whole encounter whom nearly teleported away. But the goblins were not the real problem, a wizardly apparition troubled the party soon after. Coincidentally the mysterious skull plucked from the necromancer’s lair (outside Fallcrest) that was meant for the Baron began speaking to Regretfulagine. Although cryptic its advice was for the party’s favor to get past the first puzzle deep inside Dal Nystiere, which they past but will they conquer what lies next? (besides the chocolate fondue)



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